by on June 8, 2017

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After seeing families for the past 30 years as their doctor and being a parent myself since 1995, I am struggling with a common question: —Can a parent be happy and healthy if the child is not happy and healthy? Recently I did an interview with National TV (CBC Evening News) where we discussed optimal […]

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by April 27, 2017 Weekly

It is always interesting to read about parenting trends where parents are influenced by popular books or non-traditional ideas. The level of parental passion determines the speed and magnitude with which trends spread—often globally. What is equally interesting is how fast, or more often how slowly, the medical community catch up with whatever is trending. […]

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by April 27, 2017 Weekly

It is estimated that globally two percent of children are born with red hair. The incidence varies greatly depending on the geographic location. For example, in countries located in Northern Europe and Britain, the incidence may be twice as high. Edinburgh, Scotland, is considered to be a world-class city with the highest odds of finding […]

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by September 26, 2016 Weekly

ADHD is a huge topic and there are many resources to choose from if one wants to learn more. A psychiatrist recently shared this resource with me and I found it very useful—it deals with both adults and children. I trust you will also find this resource helpful. https://openforest.net/ADHD-related-posts/ By the way, I am often […]

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by June 7, 2016 Weekly

One of the pleasures of being a pediatrician is to be inspired by the way some parents raise their children. But what happens when there are no parents to raise children? The portrait of the North American family is changing dramatically and skip-generation families are becoming increasingly common. A skip-generation family is one where grandparents […]

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by August 6, 2015 Weekly

Around 1983 some North American doctors scoffed at their peers in Holland, who at that time did not treat all childhood middle ear infections with antibiotics. I specifically remember attending an Infectious Disease meeting where a well-respected professor from Dallas painted a grim picture of what can happen when ear infections are left untreated. In […]

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by December 14, 2014 Weekly

ECZEMA As the days shrink, the dry winds blow and furnaces work overtime at night, many families experience sleepless nights, because a crying child with an itchy, dry, inflamed skin keeps the family awake. November is eczema month and one can see why—there is a shift in the environment that is unfriendly to the skins […]

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Nutrition Matters

by January 13, 2014 Weekly

Not so long ago I read a story about Jim Fixx a runner who died of a heart attack at age 52, in 1984. Jim Fixx used to be overweight and he smoked. His family history was positive for heart attacks. However he decided to exercise hard and ten years later lost 70 lbs. He […]

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Mosquito Bites

by June 17, 2013 Weekly

Every summer mosquitos seem to become a challenge to families. Over the years I have seen some badly infected bites. Prevention is always better than cure and here is what experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest: Safe use of insect repellents can minimize itching, scratching Summer is back, and so are mosquitoes. Before […]

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Why children resent their hovering helicopter mums: Pushy mothers create negative feelings in their children

by February 21, 2013 Weekly

Bossy mothers risk stifling children’s creativity Mothers urged to allow toddlers to have fun By Fiona Macrae Their children may be fluent in Mandarin and accomplished violinists, but pushy mums can expect little thanks. A study found that ‘helicopter mothers’ who hover over and control their children’s lives are resented. And the bossier they are, […]

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