ADHD and its impact on Growth

by December 11, 2014 Monthly

HOW ADHD IMPACTS BOTH HEIGHT AND WEIGHT At this time of the year a number of students discover that they cannot maintain their concentration at school. The possible diagnosis of an Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) gets raised by teachers ; perhaps later this controversial condition is confirmed by a doctor or a psychologist. Many […]

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by September 26, 2014 Monthly

It has been said that cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and elevated lipids have a beginning in childhood, or even earlier, in the womb. One author uses the analogy of a dynamite stick with a long fuse: the fuse gets lit once a baby is born, but the explosion takes place many years […]

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by May 14, 2014 Monthly

A current trend among families who want their children vaccinated, but who are leery of traditional vaccines, is the increased use of homeopathic vaccines. Homeopathic vaccines, also known as nosodes, are often promoted as a natural alternative to traditional vaccination programs. Clinicians who promote these nosodes—mostly homeopaths and naturopaths—suggest that homeopathic vaccines may even work […]

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by March 21, 2014 Monthly

It has been my honor and privilege over the past 30 years to care for children and adolescents who have been diagnosed to have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD, when there is also an element of hyperactivity combined with inattention. Every time I attend a lecture on this topic or engage in continued education, […]

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Athlete Endorsements in Food Marketing

by January 2, 2014 Monthly

Advertising foods and beverages is a big business. Advertisers spend more than $2.5 Billion per year to promote restaurants and another $2 Billion to promote food products. Using athletes to market products comes at a price some food companies are happy to pay. Kobe Bryant, an influential NBA player, earned close to $12 million per […]

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SAD Children and Teens

by December 12, 2013 Monthly

• Are your kids SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder difficult to treat in children BY DR. PETER NIEMAN, FOR THE CALGARY HERALDDECEMBER 11, 2013 Seasonal Affective Disorder can also strike children when our daylight hours shrink — but what works for adults to treat the depressive ailment, may not work for kids. In the early 1980s […]

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The Tired Teenager

by November 16, 2013 Monthly

Tired teenager? Shut off the gadgets to make room for sleep. By Dr. Peter Nieman, For the Calgary Herald November 13, A health study showed that only eight per cent of teens get the ideal amount of sleep most nights of the week. A teenager who frequently seems to be tired, fatigued and lethargic can […]

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by October 4, 2013 Monthly

I am honored to write for the Calgary Herald every month. This month I decided to cover a topic which we will hear much more about in future. Its an exciting concept—that our genes do not have to determine our destiny. A few years ago the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that one of their […]

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When to worry about enlarged lymph nodes

by July 22, 2013 Monthly

Swollen lymph nodes present as lumps in the neck, armpit, groin or by the elbow area. Although very common and mostly innocent, they often lead to anxiety. To a worried parent it may represent cancer until proven otherwise. These enlarged lymph nodes are often discovered when a young child is given a bath; when the […]

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Teenager’s Brain

by June 18, 2013 Monthly

Inside the teenage brain: Science reveals why some are erratic, moody and impulsive BY DR. PETER NIEMAN, FOR THE CALGARY HERALD JUNE 13, 2013 Adolescence is seen by some experts as a time when it is normal for a teenager to reject parents, choosing to be with friends instead, form their own values, experiment with […]

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