It has been said that we are students and teachers to each other. Not so long ago a Grade 8 student, who is a patient of mine, taught me a fascinating lesson. Will, a student at the Red Deer Lake School, participated in a science fair and his curious mind raised the question of how […]

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by July 8, 2014 Child

I often ask medical students who come to our clinic for ambulatory training to name the number one chronic infectious disease in children under age 5 years. The majority fail to get the correct answer. In addition when we see patients with asthma, I ask them what infectious disease is five times more common than […]

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The way children dress can be a challenge

by May 12, 2013 Child

I saw this great piece of writing recently. It will help parents who struggle with the way their kids dress. The New York Times May 10, 2013 A Line Between Sweet and Skimpy By BRUCE FEILER It first happened to me this spring. My daughters, who had just turned 8, came bounding into the room […]

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When to Introduce Solid Foods

by March 19, 2013 Child

The experts tell us at 6 months. But here is what happens when there are many cooks in the kitchen…..not all experts play on the same team. So in January 2013 the Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology published data which tells parents to introduce solids at 4 months—things like soy, milk, nuts and shellfish […]

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