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by on September 26, 2016

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ADHD is a huge topic and there are many resources to choose from if one wants to learn more. A psychiatrist recently shared this resource with me and I found it very useful—it deals with both adults and children. I trust you will also find this resource helpful. By the way, I am often […]

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by September 23, 2016 Monthly

Adolescent girls who engage in regular physical activity enjoy many benefits such as improved self-esteem, educational benefits, fewer risk-taking behaviours, a healthier lipid profile, better sensitivity to insulin, less obesity and better bone health. But what happens when adolescent girls become too active, overly competitive, and negligent in fueling their bodies appropriately? Three systems in […]

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by September 23, 2016 News

I had the honor to talk about children’s play time and exercise habits on CTV Morning Live here in Calgary. Here are some ideas and observations which may summarize the highlights of the interview: 1. Play is and always will be important. 2. Doctors and organizations will always have advocacy efforts to improve matters. So […]

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by September 22, 2016 News

I recently received this excellent resource: This resource comes at a time when more and more families struggle to cope with teens and children who have addictions—or deny that they are addicted and refuse to get the proper care. This is a huge nightmare for some parents because there was no way they could […]

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by September 22, 2016 Monthly

Migraine headaches in children are often underdiagnosed, because it may present in a different manner compared to adults. Many parents also are surprised when this diagnosis is made at a very young age, thinking that migraines tend to occur only later in life. (Approximately 25 per cent of childhood migraine has its onset prior to […]

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