December 2014


by on December 16, 2014

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RESILIENCE A teen turns 16 and is excited to get his driver’s licence. The days before the test are stressful and the parents notice the teen to be a bit more irritable than usual. He excuses himself from the supper table to be alone in his room. He does not sleep well, eats erratically and […]

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by December 14, 2014 Weekly

ECZEMA As the days shrink, the dry winds blow and furnaces work overtime at night, many families experience sleepless nights, because a crying child with an itchy, dry, inflamed skin keeps the family awake. November is eczema month and one can see why—there is a shift in the environment that is unfriendly to the skins […]

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ADHD and its impact on Growth

by December 11, 2014 Monthly

HOW ADHD IMPACTS BOTH HEIGHT AND WEIGHT At this time of the year a number of students discover that they cannot maintain their concentration at school. The possible diagnosis of an Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) gets raised by teachers ; perhaps later this controversial condition is confirmed by a doctor or a psychologist. Many […]

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