January 2014

Antibiotic Use Reduced

by on January 28, 2014

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Not so long ago I had a father in my office. He was also a general practitioner who trained in the Middle East. One of his concerns was that his 4 year old daughter received numerous antibiotics—and strong ones–in the past. He felt the doctors who cared for her over-prescribed antibiotics and questioned if this […]

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Nutrition Matters

by January 13, 2014 Weekly

Not so long ago I read a story about Jim Fixx a runner who died of a heart attack at age 52, in 1984. Jim Fixx used to be overweight and he smoked. His family history was positive for heart attacks. However he decided to exercise hard and ten years later lost 70 lbs. He […]

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Athlete Endorsements in Food Marketing

by January 2, 2014 Monthly

Advertising foods and beverages is a big business. Advertisers spend more than $2.5 Billion per year to promote restaurants and another $2 Billion to promote food products. Using athletes to market products comes at a price some food companies are happy to pay. Kobe Bryant, an influential NBA player, earned close to $12 million per […]

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