June 2013

Teenager’s Brain

by on June 18, 2013

in Monthly

Inside the teenage brain: Science reveals why some are erratic, moody and impulsive BY DR. PETER NIEMAN, FOR THE CALGARY HERALD JUNE 13, 2013 Adolescence is seen by some experts as a time when it is normal for a teenager to reject parents, choosing to be with friends instead, form their own values, experiment with […]

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Mosquito Bites

by June 17, 2013 Weekly

Every summer mosquitos seem to become a challenge to families. Over the years I have seen some badly infected bites. Prevention is always better than cure and here is what experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest: Safe use of insect repellents can minimize itching, scratching Summer is back, and so are mosquitoes. Before […]

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