February 2013

By: www.fulltimenanny.com Even the most germ-phobic moms are guilty of committing some of the grossest parenting sins. Sometimes, they don’t even know they’re committing them. Here are the nine grossest things parents commonly do, and the reasons they should reconsider doing them. Using bulb syringe aspirators. Ever cut one of these babies open? Chances are if […]

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Why children resent their hovering helicopter mums: Pushy mothers create negative feelings in their children

by February 21, 2013 Weekly

Bossy mothers risk stifling children’s creativity Mothers urged to allow toddlers to have fun By Fiona Macrae Their children may be fluent in Mandarin and accomplished violinists, but pushy mums can expect little thanks. A study found that ‘helicopter mothers’ who hover over and control their children’s lives are resented. And the bossier they are, […]

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In It For Life

by February 17, 2013 News

It was my honor to do an interview with the CALGARY HERALD in February 2013 Here is a copy of the interview “In it for Life” In it for life – healthier and happier How you can make your healthy changes last By Yvonne Jeffery, Calgary Herald February 13, 2013 When I tell you what […]

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